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The Vertex is an astrological experience.

Enter The Vertex for a unique astrological immersion that takes you to the depths of what the stars have to offer. Learn about the alchemy behind charts, integrate into a supportive magical community, or dive into a one-on-one personalized experience with a master practitioner.


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The Vertex Testimonials

Jade Gabriella

Sasha is an amazing astrologer and always reads my chart spot on and helps me to make better sense of the things going on in my life. It's better than therapy lol.

Jeff Chang

Sasha is a gifted, empathic healer and a profound illuminator of dark places, a warm and insightful guide that shines light into the nooks and crannies of the soul. Whether through her in-depth chart readings or the invigorating power of her healing sessions, one leaves her astrological services feeling refreshed and empowered with some fresh new insight of the soul or a deeper clarity of being.

Jacquelyn Petrova

If you have ever had a reading with Sasha you will know that she's hands down the BEST! If you haven't, well let me tell you. This gal knows her stuff. Obviously we all know by now that Co-Star is trash, so I am *so* excited to finally have a better resource for all of my astrology needs!

Sydney Victoria

I was so impressed with the depth Sasha carries in a one-on-one session. She not only delves into your own chart, but helps you understand the general views of planets, houses, and then layers where you sit astrologically. This way you can carry with you a more permanent understanding, and it's inspired me to keep discovering more about the metaphysical and its impact on my life. Couldn't recommend her more!

Sasha Zimnitsky

Sasha Zimnitsky is a master astrologer of 16 years, theta healer, photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

She believes that our astrological chart is akin to our cosmic DNA- infinitely complex and intricate— but also just a baseline for our human and spiritual development. What we do with it is ultimately up to us.  As the CEO of The Vertex, Sasha uses her vast, expert knowledge of astrology and theta to guide those seeking transformation into a path of healing, self-discovery, and ultimately, their true power.

Comprehensive Guidance & Support.

Tier 1

Bi-weekly in-depth astro insights to help you plan out your month. Personalized for rising signs. New/Full Moon ritual incuded.

Tier 2

Community focused. Moon circles and much more.

Tier 3

Personalized. 1-on-1 services. The full experience.