Full Moon in Pisces

FULL MOON IN PISCES- a wholeee lotta Neptune. Don’t get lost in the fog ????

Ok so this Full Moon is sooooo all over the place. So let’s just cut the chit chat and go straight into the astrology, yeah? (I know, I know, you’ll miss my ranting but there will be more to come, I promise ????)

The Moon went full just a few hrs ago today Sept 20th at 4:54pm PST (7:54 EST; adjust for your timezone) at 28°13’ in creative sad boi Pisces with a (wide) but palpable conjunction to Neptune, an opposition to Mars, an exact trine from Jupiter to Mercury, a square from Venus to Saturn, an opposition between uranus and Venus, a Tsquare between pluto, Mercury, and eris, a square between Pallas and Juno, a quincunx between Juno and Uranus, and a trine from saturn to Mars and the North Node of Fate. Lol. Remember uneventful moons? I miss those ????

So as you can see That Shit’s A Lot ™️— so it’s time to break it down. *insert that one Beyoncé gif* Moon at 28° Pisces (besides being conjunct my AC/DC axis ????) is also sort of a time of ~endings~ or culminations at least… which go as far back as the corresponding New Moon in Pisces in March of this year, as well as alllll the way back to the New Moon in early Aries in 2020, which conjuncts this Full Moon. Pisces is also emotional as hell. And a littleeee delusional or confused on a bad day. Today can feel like either dreamy, sad, depressed, or just a little chaotic and confused about what the hell is going on. In particular because of that conjunction to its ruler, Neptune, Lord of dreams and illusions. And especially because it’s in an opposition with Mars (God of war, how we take action, our masculine energy) in passive aggressive and indecisive Libra.

The *nice* aspect of this is that Pisces in a conjunction with Neptune does give us extra spiritual oomph and can make us intuitive af. The veil between worlds is extra thin rn. Andddd since our homegirl Venus (love, beauty, money, values) is in cute-but-psycho-but-cute ???? Scorpio— Mars and Venus are in what’s called a “mutual reception.” So even though they are both in the signs of their detriment (as Venus rules Taurus/Libra and Mars rules Scorpio/Aries) it’s like they can sort of… switch jobs. So Mars can actually take on the Scorpio position where he is suuuuuuper strategic and cunning— and Venus can be super sweet and charming (and a little bit of a hoe ????) in Libra. Yay for mutual reception. Also the tightest ???????? aspect in the sky though is actually a trine (harmonious aspect) between Mercury who is already in his retrograde shadow and rules communication— and Jupiter, our favorite Grand Benefic party bro. There can be some sort of good news over the next couple days or even just inspiration or expansive new ideas that could come to you. That’s the good shit.

However, though Venus is kind of the dark slightly unhinged queen of the sky right now— with even Sky Daddy Saturn himself bowing down to her as he’s answering to Uranus in Taurus who in turn is taking orders from her)- it’s not necessarily working out for her that well. Both Daddies— Sky Daddy (Saturn) and Chaos Daddy (Uranus) are pretty peeved about Venus usurping power. They are in a square and opposition to her, respectfully. Both are conflict aspects and what that means is essentially Venus isn’t exactly getting what she wants. So money and relationship stuff might not be doing so hot. Might feel unstable or blocked. But also on the surface it feels like there might be avoidance about talking about it? Like people don’t want to rock the boat too much with that Mars in Libra.

And yet also with that Tsquare between Mercury (communication, our minds), Underworld Daddy Pluto (power, control) and Eris (discord)— seems like people are either obsessive and paranoid or trying to provoke in some way— but with all the Neptune energy in the sky — we just don’t have all the info. Relationships are further under stress because Juno (partnerships) is in a quincunx to Uranus (instability, change, sudden events) and in a square to Pallas (strategy). Pallas is currently retrograde in Pisces where she’s not as smart as she normally is— which doesn’t really help things. Also with Mars being opposite the Sun— this energy might feel DRAINING as well. So we’ve got chaotic, confusing, dreamy, intuitive, inspiring, AND draining all at the same time? Yeah that about sounds right ???? Oh and it might be hard af to focus with all that Neptune haze as well.

The saving grace here really is Sky Daddy Saturn in a working relationship (trine) with Mars as well as the North Node (soul’s path). It’s a lot like herding cats ????‍⬛ but Saturn is really trying to help us get our shit done and stay motivated. And the trine to the NN shows that though on the outside it may look like everything is either a confusing shot show or raging dumpster fire— we’re not really that off track. We’re actually learning and moving ~relatively~ in the right direction. So let that be some reassurance ???? Oh and Mercury is just days away from it’s retrograde so there’s that.

(Honestly there’s more but to keep this from turning into a Phd dissertation of sorts I’m going to cut it off here. You get the gist.) As a reminder this is a FULL moon which, true to its placement in Pisces, is all about *release.* So a great time to do release rituals, though I personally would not recommend making say, moon water because *gestures broadly at previous paragraphs* Unless you’re into this chaotic neptunian clusterfuck. Which, you know— do you. The BEST way to work with this energy though is to spend time alone meditating, listening to music, dreaming, coming up with new ideas and inspiration for yourself. As well as consciously RELEASING all that does not empower your journey forward. And remember— Full Moon energy lasts 3 days, so it’s not just tonight.

But hey. You got this shit. Happy Full Moon in Pisces, babes. We survived ???? More cosmic adventures to come ????