The “Inner Circle” (Texting and Email Bundle)

From: $18.00 / month

For the bish who loves their VIP access (or who can’t make up their mind & wants it allll):

This includes everything from email and text:
  • Biweekly astrological subscription arrives to your inbox every New and Full Moon so you’re always in the cosmic know
  • Personalized written report for your Rising Sign so you know where the main dumpster fires- I MEAN astro events- are happening in your life at all times
  • Exact days/times that every astrological event is taking place and what it all means
  • Deep dives into the main energies that won’t be available anywhere else
  • Energetic ritual that complements each 2 week period
  • Aesthetics and vibes? immaculate
  • real time text message updates that give you a heads up when some shit’s about to go down in the cosmos
  • arrive to your phone when an astrological aspect is about to hit its peak
  • short, sassy explanations complete with exact dates and times
  • “chaos demon meter” lets you know the level of batshit to expect in a clear 1-5 chaos level rating (complete with hella cute 👹 emojis)
  • fucking funny
  • informative af
Plus be the first to receive additional promotions, special sales AND be the first ~in the know~ for future roll outs 💅

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