New Moon in Virgo

NEW MOON IN VIRGO, Mercury enters his Rx Shadow, and Venus dives into spicy Scorpio — Hot girl summer is coming to an end ???? It’s time for Neurotic Nympho Autumn and time to get to WERK, bishes ????????????????

The New Moon occurred today at 5:51 pm PST (8:51pm EST; adjust for your time zone) at 14°37’ Virgo conjunct the Sun, (New Moons are always Sun-Moon conjunctions whereas Full Moons are Sun-Moon oppositions) in an *exact* trine to Chaos Daddy Uranus, a square to Juno, quincunx Chiron, a supportive and powerful trine between Mars and Pluto, square between Venus and Pluto, trine between Venus and Jupiter and grand trine between Saturn, the North Node, and Mercury. *stops to catch a breath* So you know, totally uneventful lol ????????

So what are you *building* in your life? ???? Because Virgo SZN is here to micromanage you into completing it ???? Just kidding ???? We’re really hardest on *ourselves* more than anyone else. All joking aside though, I really like this New Moon. New Moons of course are *supposed to be* prime times for new beginnings, setting intentions, manifestation, etc.

And though honestly some of the recent New Moons we’ve had have been more like cosmic c0ckbl0cks than catalysts— and blew harder than Hurricane Ida tearing through the East Coast (sending so much love to those affected ????), I think this one will actually do us a lot of good. If the energy is harnessed properly. And holy shit am I excited about that— because idk about you all but I’m absolutely fucking exhausted from these last few months.

So let’s talk more about Virgo. Ahhhh such an underestimated and under appreciated sign. The sexy librarian of the zodiac, if you will (I go into way too much detail on just how freaky Virgo actually is on the @sexmagicpodcast story if that’s your bag ????). Virgo is ruled by Mercury (communication, our mind) and represents the duality between the virgin and the whore— it’s the “secret freak” if you will. And the Moon and Sun are in an exact trine (harmonious aspect) to experimental try-anything-once Chaos Daddy Uranus himself— so if you’re partnered and want to spice things up, you know, just some things to consider. *cries in single*

Anyway, obviously that’s not alllll that Virgo represents ???? Virgo in its highest vibration is METICULOUS and particular af (some people refer to this as anal or OCD but whatever ????) and are ON. POINT. Precise. For instance, Beyoncé is a Virgo ???????? Case closed. And Virgo is also the *worker.* Virgo knows how to roll up its sleeves and get shit done. It BUILDS. So this energy is INCREDIBLY supportive for whatever it is you’re building in your life.

Channel that neuroticism and hyper fixation on something productive and this New Moon will prove to be very fertile soil for whatever it is that you want to create and lay a proper foundation for in your life. Also great time to organize, clean your house, purge and get rid of what no longer is aligned with your path. Start a new diet or exercise regimen (Virgo rules health). Look to what house 14° of Virgo lands in your chart to see what areas are most favored. But anything that is aspected by this Moon will receive Virgoan benefits.

Ok onto the other aspects. There *is* a lot of energy and many of us are likely still a little drained from the Hammer of Thor last week, but this New Moon energy can be utilized to really get some things in motion. Pluto (our power) or Underworld Daddy as I affectionately call him ????, is in an exact trine (harmonious aspect) to Mars (our ability to get shit done, energy reserves, sex drive) so wherever we are channeling our energy, that area gets amplified with a mighty boost from Pluto. Again, put it into something *productive* rather than obsessive or self-destructive as home girl Venus HOEing around in her natal sign of Libra is in a square (conflict aspect) with Pluto which can kind of bring out our crazy. Watch out for manipulative power dynamics in relationships.

As Moon is square Juno (partnerships) exactly, and Juno is finally starting to separate from the South Node (release point, comfort zone, karma) there may be a lot of relationships ending during this time which have run their karmic course. Particularly as Juno moves closer to its exact quincunx (hard aspect) to Uranus (sudden events, change) over the next week. As Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, things will especially get more ~passionate~ for good or ill ???? Venus (love, beauty, money, values) is actually currently in a T Square aspect between Underworld Daddy Pluto and Eris, the Goddess of Discord which is realllyyyy indicative of the recent attack and abuse of power (Pluto) on the feminine (Venus). I expect an intensification of news around this as Venus moves into Scorpio.

Buttt again there’s a lot of supportive energy. Sky Daddy Saturn himself is in a Grand Trine (super harmonious opportunity) aspect with the NN (soul’s path) and Mercury in Libra (which just entered its shadow). Whatever we put our mind to right now has the ability to really grow. Choose what that is WISELY. This is a powerful time of manifestation and you don’t want to manifest the wrong sh!t ???? Venus is also in a conjunction with Vesta (home, hearth, our passions) so what is it that lights you up? DO that. Commit to that. Jupiter is also trine Venus and Vesta.

Watch out for wounding with that Moon quincunx chiron (soul wound) aspect though as well as Mercury opposite chiron. People might be extra ~sensitive~ towards communication, so be aware of that. Also know that Chiron’s purpose is to get us to HEAL— not just torture the living sh!t out of us ???? So thank the trigger for showing itself and revealing where you still have healing to do in order to awaken your greatest personal POWER ????

Oh and whatever happens between now and September 27 is you own personal Mercury Retrograde trailer ???? Watch what happens. Do your New Moon rituals. Ask for what you WANT. And commit to building it.

Happy New Moon in Virgo and (almost) THOTUMN ???? everyone! ????????

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