Uranus Retrograde

Uranus ⚡️ Goes Retrograde Aug 19/20 until January 18th, 2022. Change, change, change ⚡️ You ready?

Sure you are. You’ve been under pressure for this alllll year long. And 2021 is the year of change, afterall ???? So what kind of change are we talking exactly?

Well look to the house that Uranus is stationing to go retrograde in your chart— that is one of the areas that change has been taking place since the first Saturn/Uranus square occurred February 17th and most recently June 14th.

Uranus went retrograde yesterday Aug 19th at 6:41pm PST (9:41pm EST; for some time zones that’s today) at 14°47’ Taurus with a trine (harmonious aspect) to Mercury and Mars in Virgo, an intense Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, a Sun-Jupiter opposition in Leo/Aquarius, a trine between Saturn, Venus and the NN, and Juno is still cozied up to the SN. This is an ~interesting~ mix of energies for sure.

Ok so Uranus rules change, sudden events, chaos, terrorism, instability ????— but also in his higher vibration authenticity, individuality, LIBERATION. And while that may not come super naturally when he’s in the sign most allergic to change (lol Taurus), the trine that he has to Mars (action, our masculine energy) and Mercury (our mind, communication, information) is actually super promising for making those changes that we’ve been talking about or desiring which have been a longggg time coming. You know— the shit that you’ve been *talking* about releasing for 373783 years or the habits you’ve been trying to break, or finally getting out of that toxic-ass cycle (you know the one). Chaos Daddy (not sure if that name will stick yet or not????) is coming to help you ⚡️

But here’s the kicker— he’s retrograde (which is internally focused energy) so the changes will likely occur more ~internally.~ Now that’s not to say that crazy unexpected shit won’t still happen— Uranus after all is ~unpredictable af~ and so the motto for his retrograde motion is essentially “expect the unexpected.” But also that he is actually capable of being productive (Mars and Mercury in Virgo) and focused about the changes. So like I said, great time to break habits.

Uranus with a trine to Mars and Mercury is a *breakthrough* of these (maybe more mundane) elements of our lives. And though we have been likely trying to breakthrough and make things happen on an external level— as so much of this year has pushed us to do— much of the time it’s *internal* changes that have to come first. And that can look a couple different ways.

Uranus retrograde might throw some unexpected/out of the blue, or ~destabilizing~ events, people, etc into the mix for you— to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and change some things. (Lol so basically like he’s been doing all year ????) And though that may be initially triggering, the change is necessary for our highest good/evolution. Also because the trine is a supportive 120° angle aspect, it also indicates that we are more likely to be ~open-minded~ and able to come up with creative solutions to problems and situations. This is a particularly innovative time. Curious to see what happens especially in the realm of currency as Taurus rules money ????

Ok and the rest of the astrology adds some layers. So the Moon in Capricorn was very practical and productive, though also maybe a bit melancholy and a touch obsessive with the conjunction to Underworld Daddy Pluto ⛓ Particularly closer to the time of the actual retrograde station. Definitely feel like there’s a focus here on changing the ~foundations~ (Capricorn) of things and transforming them (Pluto) while particularly dealing with deeply subconscious elements of our emotional world (Moon). Again, the focus here seems to be working from the inside out. GREAT time for shadow work and anything that involves the subconscious, as Uranus Rx gives us a greater aptitude for breakthroughs than usual.

Sun in an opposition to Jupiter is nice because Jupiter is the nice guy of the zodiac— the Grand Benefic, if you will. And the Sun is in his home sign of Leo which he absolutely LOVES, so this combo can bring about a lot of opportunities and expansiveness— though Jupiter does have a tendency towards excess. And the Sun in Leo does have a tendency towards ego— so that may be a potential pitfall. Always make sure you are acting from the heart (Leo in its highest vibe) and don’t get wrapped up in ego challenges particularly to your beliefs (Jupiter).

Oh and since Venus entered its home sign of libra (where it will be until Sept 10th) there’s been a greater focus on luuuuuurve ???? and relationships/partnerships. People are more flirtatious during this time but also Sky Daddy Saturn in an applying trine to Venus (approaching exact) is encouraging an energy of structure and commitment. This is also trine the NN (soul’s path) forming a Grand Trine suggesting that these lessons we’re learning are setting us on the right path forward. (Yay ????)

And yet also at the same time the SN (South Node) which rules past, karma, and our *comfort zone,* is conjunct Juno (partnership) sooooo though the lessons we’re learning are getting us on the right track it doesn’t mean the people we’re learning them with are forever? ???? The SN is the release point because though it maybe familiar and cozy (like your favorite sweatpants or sweater that now has holes in it and you probably need to throw away lol) you can’t live in that space forever and ultimately that thing will have to be released. A lottttt of karma continues to be released in relationships/partnerships and karmic partnerships are still active.

Ok so at the risk of this becoming a (foul mouthed) dissertation on Uranus of sorts (I have Uranus rx and out of bounds in my own chart so I have a lot to say about him), I will wrap this bish up. But as you can see, we continue to have a lottttt going on and are in the thick of retrograde season. Do not RESIST the changes that Uranus is trying to make. Uranus will make them for you anyway but in a way that is way more destabilizing than if you work with him a little. By the end of the year he will clear away all that is not authentically aligned with you and your journey. It may not feel like it, but he DOES absolutely have your highest good in mind. (Not to mention this time can also be super exciting!) But sometimes what’s in our highest good is fucking terrifying. And that’s totally valid. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You are powerful af and can handle it ????????